As a clinical psychologist I am always telling my patients that we all need help and support! Just so I also need help and support. I received just that from Kathleen through the healing she does. She is thorough, accurate and caring. I would recommend her to anyone needing healing.  ​Mark de la Rey - Cape Town, South Africa

I was struggling with severe physical, mental and emotional issues for a very long time. After months of consulting several conventional doctors and specialists, and trying everything under the sun, I was ready to give up. That's when my healing journey with Kathleen started. She is an amazing energy healer and very caring, compassionate and supportive. She was able to pinpoint what the root cause of my issues were, and helped me to heal on a soul level. She contacted me regularly and gave excellent advice in terms of meditations and daily tools to support my healing process. I often felt the healing quite intensely and some of the results were immediate. I am forever grateful to Kathleen and I encourage anyone in need of healing their body, mind and soul to contact her!  Amanda Ferreira - South Africa

After the loss of my spouse I decided to do some energy healing with Kathleen. I wasn't in a really bad place but more so having my normal up and down days that one would assume would happen after the loss of someone so close to you. Kathleen did the healing remotely and I can definitely say that it helped me a lot. It’s not one of those things that you wake up and can put your finger on something that's changed in your life, it’s more like I just felt happier, my mind was clear and in general I felt in a really good place. Life just became a lot more relaxed and manageable which made things so much easier. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kathleen for energy healing.  Tim – Abu Dhabi, UAE

I recently did some energy healing with Kathleen as I wasn’t really feeling myself, and I couldn’t believe the difference I felt! Before, I felt anxious and always on edge as well as being really emotional. The energy healing was done remotely and afterwards the report I got back made it really clear to me what some of the issues were which helped me to move forward on my own. Since the healing, so many people around me have said I seem like a changed person and I feel so much lighter and more positive! 100% would recommend to anyone without a doubt.  Rachel Foulsham - Scotland

I have come to Kathleen for physical, mental, and emotional ailments. She has not only healed them but helped guide me to understand how most of the time, they are connected. No matter your beliefs, religious, spiritual, or none at all, you come away feeling as though you have truly gotten a glimpse into the possibilities and hopes of life. Whatever you’re feeling, she will help you. She’s the real McCoy.  Maxine – Cape Town, South Africa

I consider myself a person that has faith, good intuition and also spiritually strong. But as we do as human beings, I also have self-doubt, insecurities and anxiety. Kathleen is my absolute go-to when it comes to re-centering myself, to give me the clarity of mind and the confidence to follow my intuition. She clears my anxiety, and helps me to deal with all the physical side effects of the anxiety and self-doubt. She has my made soul journey much clearer and I rely on her to keep myself focussed on my life goals and pursue them with clarity and peace. She is one of my Angels in human form.  Jack B – Dubai, UAE

I am a 67-year-old woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some days getting out of bed is not an option. With patience and kindness Kathleen helped me by healing the "stumbling blocks" in my life and giving me back a quality of life. Thank you, Kathleen, with much gratitude and appreciation.  Eleanor Mosenthal – Johannesburg, South Africa

I had recently done some distant energy healing and I want to honestly mention how it has helped with my anxiety and basic overall mind and health. Sometimes all you need is some of that bad mojo to be drained out so that you can see the good mojo that is right in front of you. This was my first time and I feel like I have grown abundantly within the last few weeks. Thank you so so much Kathleen.  Lisa Cretikos - Cape Town, South Africa

Kathleen has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and many other personal issues, especially those arising during this bizarre time of Covid, 2020, in general. The readings are always spot on and relevant to my moment in time, and the healings, although subtle at first, slowly open up and you can feel it work. Thank you for all your energetic help, it's been fantastic. Jean-Marc – Cape Town, South Africa